Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Spring Patterns Starting To Emerge

Lake Anna Bass Fishing - March
This time of year the weather can be gorgeous one day and miserable the next; rest assured these bass don't care.  Even though it may snow a foot tomorrow, the biological clock is ticking.  Fish will be moving out of deep water and heading for the bank this month.  The next 40 days is arguably your best opportunity to catch a Lake Anna giant.  It takes grit to withstand 45 degree rain, howling wind, and the occasional snow flurry but as the spring patters begin to play out these fish are going to put on a serious feed.  This early pre-spawn period requires concentration and perseverance. As we withstand the last few days of winter there will be fewer bites but the average size bass will be tremendous.  As the lake warms it will become more of a numbers game.  Call Taylor - 540.842.9155 to book your trip today!