Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dynamite Net Job - What Not To Do

See if you can spot all of the things you shouldn't do while trying to land a Striped Bass on relatively light tackle. 1st - Don't try to swoop a green fish that is coming straight at you as he will get a great view of the net. 2nd - Don't drop the fish out of the net once you have him in it.  3rd - Don't allow a fish to get near the outboard / try to land the fish on the side of the boat rather than behind.  A couple of things were done correctly.  1st - nobody got hurt.  2nd - The fish did eventually end up in the boat.  3rd - Everyone had a blast.  Fishing has really been good this week.  Half day trips are a great way to do a little fishing while we work through the hottest weeks of summer.  Full day trips can be broken into a morning and evening session.  E-mail to book your trip today.