Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Snakes: It's What For Dinner

Aquia Creek Snakehead Fishing in May
Carrying out your environmental responsibilities as an angler never tasted so good.  These fish appear offensive but have firm white meat fillets with mild flavor making them arguably the finest eating fish in fresh water.  Snakeheads fight hard, bite aggressively, and often jump several times on their way to the boat. A thick slime coat and a mouth full of teeth can pose a challenge while handling the fish but a couple of cotton rags and Boga Grip will make short work.  Dark colored soft plastic baits will trigger a strike as well as topwater plastic frogs.  Look for snakeheads in the same places you find largemouth.  In areas of extremely thick vegetation fish the edge of the grass during the last third of a falling tide.  Medium to heavy bass tackle with braided line and no drag is a good recipe for a great time.