Monday, May 14, 2012

Lake Anna Bluegill Spawn

70 degrees

XPS Pro Qualifier Rods & Reels
6 lb Seaguar Fourocarbon
1/16 ounce grubs

This is my youngest son Collin. He and my 9 year old Evan are fanatic about fishing. The only problem is that I can't take them every day... So I try to make sure that the days I can take them, will be enjoyable weather etc. This trip worked out perfectly... Massive Bluegill have moved up to spawn. There are areas with 30-40 large bluegill within a 10 foot radius. These are hard fighting agressive fish that present a perfect fishing opportunity for young kids...

Now is the time to "get on" some of these huge Lake Anna bluegill.

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Crappie Fishing in May

Water Temp 68
10 mph winds

Live minnows
Xps Pro Qualifier rods and reels
6 lb Seaguar flourocarbom
Adjustable slip bobbers

Valerie and Steve are regular clients of mine... I think Valerie would fish from sun up to sun down if she could... The day started out pretty slow fo us, but by mid day we were catching every few minutes... The better bites were coming in about 15 feet of water over brushpiles with the bait sitting at about 10 feet. Valerie and Steve are always a joy to fish with, i look forward to our next outing.

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