Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Moving On Up - Bass Getting Shallow in Prep For Spawn

Lake Anna Pre-Spawn / Spawn Conditions
These fish can't wait to get it on.  Find the clean, protected spawning pockets and burn up that trolling motor.  Cold fronts will slow fish down tremendously and either bury them in cover or pull them back.  To catch bass during the spawn does not require site fishing.  Crankbaits, swim baits, shakey heads, and flukes will catch these fish.  Stay keyed in on heavy concentrations of baitfish.  The bass will have to feed heavily in preparation for the spawn and during recovery.  Top water baits early in the morning and late in the evening are never a bad call this time of year.  Remember that all fish don't spawn at the same time.  If something stops working for you, go back and check it in a week or two.