Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lake Anna Striper Fishing

Striper Fishing Lake Anna in March
The Striper bite is pretty solid right now and the favorable water quality and temperatures we are experiencing has supercharged these fish.  You will notice a distinct difference as soon as you set the hook.....they're mad, hungry, and ready to pull.  All of the river systems seem to be holding pretty good numbers of fish.  Try drifting live bait along the channel edge and move shallow during periods of peek activity.  As always key in on those areas where the shad are holding.  If live bait isn't your deal try casting 3"-6" swimbaits around points and humps near the  river channel.  It's important not to set the hook to aggressively as these fish will often just get the tail or miss the bait completely several time before choking it.  Allow the rod to load up before getting tight and setting the hook.  Make sure that your rod has enough backbone to make a long cast and handle larger fish while still have enough taper as to not pull the bait out of their mouth.  This Swimbait presentation will be most effective during low light conditions.  Stripers will eat the Alabama Rig.