Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Why can't it be October all year long?

Lake Anna Bass Fishing - October
With the exception of late March / early April, October is my favorite time of year to be on the water.  The boat traffic and jet ski's are gone, a lot of the fishing pressure is deer hunting, and the water has cooled making the fish extremely active.  There is a distinct difference in the attitude of these fish compared to a month ago and you will understand what I'm talking about the second you set the hook.  With the right weather conditions there is a tremendous topwater bite to be had early in the morning.  With cloud cover and a little spitting rain this can last well into the day.  Just like in the spring, this time of year you can put up big numbers of fish.  Half day or full day, whatever you have time for.  This month will provide some great opportunities to catch a pile of fish and enjoy some gorgeous fall weather.  Call Taylor @ 540.842.9155 to book your trip today!