Monday, March 29, 2010

Lake Anna Crappie Fishing

Cooler full of tasty Specs
Eric Fling and I went out on Saturday afternoon to fill the cooler with specs. We took a bucket of minnows and our slip bobbers out and started jumping brushpiles. The very first one we pulled up to was packed with 2 pound BASS! We caught bluegill, ring perch, 2 dozen bass but no CRAPPIE! They just weren't there... Very weird because I caught some there the day before. Anyways... we hopped around to a few other piles until we hit the mother load. We limited out and caught a few nice ones... Here's the best (or worst) part... Towards the end I decided to put a large minnow out just for giggles... small aberdeen hook, 6 lb test, etc. You can probably tell where this is going. Something big, I'm assuming a large bass, took the minnow and headed for deep water ripping drag and eventually breaking off. DARN! I would have liked to see that one.