Monday, March 22, 2010

This is what it is all about!!

This weekend was some of the best "fishing" that I have done in a long time... I didn't win any tournaments, no seminars, not even a client trip... I didn't catch fish on the latest greatest gear or lure... I didn't even get my boat up on plane!

Here's the deal... As a competitive fisherman and guide, one tends to get all wrapped up in pre-fishing, and "points" and the next best wack-a-ma-doolie-dropper that your product sponsor has coming out. Although those things are very necessary to compete and progress, it is even more necessary to just stop and remember what it was that got you so hooked on fishing in the first place... What helped you develop that insatiable passion for the sport?

For me it was a trip with my dad and his buddy, Nick, when I was 4 years old... We were in a 12 foot jon-boat with a 10 horsepower tiller and a cooler full of ham sandwiches. I still remember the sandwiches perfectly... They were ham, cheese, lettuce, and mustard on white bread... Just barely soggy from being in the cooler all morning. And I remember Dad's "Lunker Lure" copper-bladed buzz bait with a yellow skirt. I really don't remember much else, except for a few cloudy images of lilly pads and the rusty gas can in the back of the boat... But I do remember that It was the most awesome day (and ham sandwich) that I ever had in my 4 year old life... So much so that I am still talking about it.

The reason I bring this up is that I watched my sons Evan and Colin (still 2) have one of those days this Saturday. We used spincast rods, bobbers, and a bucket of minnows. We caught plenty of fish, but better yet Colin has now caught the "fishing fever" along with Evan... It was by far my favorite trip of the year so far and a truly keeps things in perspective...